Semiconductor - driving force of economic megatrends

During the coming years, new technological innovations will revolutionize various aspects of private life, including the way we work. Machines will communicate fully automatedly, and a vast amount of newly generated data will be available for analysis and further processing. From simple temperature and humidity sensors to connected cars and fully automated factories.


Technology-driven megatrends such as digitization, e-mobility, IoT, or artificial intelligence would be inconceivable without semiconductors. They enable new product and service innovations for a broad spectrum of users.

McKinsey considers the current decade as the decade of semiconductors, on the path towards becoming a 1 trillion-dollar industry. This rapidly growing semiconductor market is accompanied by higher levels of integration, leading to increasingly complex components that are subject to the highest quality and reliability standards. Simultaneously, there is significant cost pressure in the manufacturing and testing of new semiconductors. Only those who master these challenges will sustainably benefit from this vast market potential.

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