A connected world of opportunities

In the last 10 minutes more than 50.000 new Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices have been installed. The current growth rate of newly installed IoT devices is about 89 devices per second and it will further increase. This tremendous number provides a first impression about the huge potential of IoT.


The growing market of new connected devices leads to a strong demand for appropriate semiconductors (microcontrollers, modems, interfaces, sensors), hardware components and software solutions. New products and services generate new revenue streams.

But there are also a lot of specific business opportunities:

• increased productivity
• improved product quality
• higher reliability
• better user experience
• new business models

In the course of the next few years IoT technologies will revolutionize several areas of our private lives and the way we work. Machines will communicate automatically and a huge amount of newly generated data will be available for analysis and processing. The term "machines" covers all levels of technical complexity. From simple temperature and humidity sensors to connected cars to fully automated factories.

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